The proposal responds to the social and economic requirements of the new Igualada, a city in full development process. The intervention, with a building roof of 53,000 m2 above ground, is divided into four different uses: offices, commercial, hotel and parking. The proposal reinforces the unitary intention of the project with a building solution that accompanies the strong linearity of the avenue of Catalonia and makes the new World Trade Center more recognizable. The constant crowning strength reinforces this unit while the whole, with a certain movement, is completed by a turn at the end where a hotel is located.
The continuous volume is disggregated in a commercial podium where the tertiary is located, establishing the singularity of the intervention in the relation between the two pieces. The base is demarcated in section of the upper volume obtaining a semi covered commercial front that serves as shelter to rain and as a place of access to the commercial areas giving facade to the street. At the rear side terraces are generated linked to the park, with multiple possibilities for future traders. Between the commercial space and the offices an in-between space is generated as a large shaded crack, with variable height that breaks its rigidity and confers a strong identity.
The façade presents various points of singularity in the places of entry to the commercial area. The set has two skins at the offices, which allows it to be isolated more effectively. The outer skin acts as a sunscreen and facilitates the air conditioning of the building in a sustainable and economic way, guaranteeing its efficiency. The interior facade of the offices is set back at some points creating terraces for private use of the offices and, at the same time, illuminates the interior corridor.