Within the City of Justice complex, these social housing apartments take up more than 242.000 m2 of the overall program. The dwellings are situated behind the atrium, without surpassing the height of the adjacent judicial buildings, and respect their lattice-like aesthetic and coloured facades.
The building is a rectangular prism that maintains the appearance and the structural logic of the rest of the buildings. It is articulated in two parts – independent yet identical – and separated by a rectangular axis of symmetry. Each is made up of eight floors connected by a core system of stairways and lifts. With each part containing eight dwellings per floor, the entire building overall includes128 dwellings.
Some guidelines for the building have been modified in order to guarantee proper function. For example, the unique type of windows featured throughout the City of Justice have been maintained in the bedrooms and living rooms as they look out onto the exterior perimeter.