This project consists of two different towers located in two parcels symmetrical to the axis of the Universidad Avenue. One of them is occupied by corporate headquarters and the other one by homes. Both developments are intended to become symbols of the city of A Coruña.
A complex formed by two pieces is a difficult composition to resolve. The strategy of this project was transforming this couple of elements into a group of three components. As a result, the residential tower was divided into two twin sections. An irregular ground plan with many corners was especially suitable to set out several independent flats per floor, all of them with a good orientation.
The corporate tower is the most autonomous part in this set of three components. At 132 metres high it is intended to be the tallest building in the region of Galicia. It stands out due to its symbolic nature, matching the institution it represents. Its irregular size and faceted mineral surface pointing upwards makes the project unique. The composition of the façades satisfies its agenda. The offices tower consists of horizontal bands expressing and enabling flexibility of its free floors. The façade of the flats is arranged vertically, which is appreciated in the division of many indoor areas and the existence of hollows practicable as window apertures. The towers contribute to a sense of materiality thus giving strong common identity.
Both buildings have an envelope developed from a granite base (traditionally common in Galician culture) and the upper levels are evocative of innovation and progress. Furthermore, the façade has a very technological appearance provided by the glass used.