Gran Via Espais Towers

Barcelona (Spain)
Espais, Catalunya Inversions Immobiliàries, S.L.
Total Area
25.166 m²


Two residential towers in Plaza Europa, l’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). Each  one of them include 76 dwellings, a commercial ground floor and parking spaces. The interplay of convex and concave forms softens the rigidity of the tower by a slight curvature of the perimeter.
The buildings are clad by a ‘double skin’ that surrounds the perimeter balconies. This skin screens windows and doors from the exterior, which creates a more homogenous exterior appearance unusual from a domestic building. The ‘interior skin’ sticks to the ‘second skin’ in the northeast and northwest facades, affording extra area in the interior of the dwellings, while the perimeter on the southwest and southeast facades has been converted to terraces, the largest being in the southern corner. The exterior skin is composed of differing sizes of perforated sheets of polished stainless steel. The buildings produce an interplay of reflections between them and their surroundings.