The tower is composed of a ground floor, first floor and twelve levels of office floors. The gauge is exhausted, so there is a need to redistribute 400 m2, destined to generate concatenated open spaces. To do so, the starting point is a large triple height access patio to reach a viewpoint on the top floor. The open spaces are programmed as terraces that generate shade on those sides of the building that present a less favourable sunshine (south and west).
The structure is subdivided into a mixed system. The upper part of the central core supports a network of beams on the roof, from which a series of floors are suspended working by traction. The other zone is made up of the areas supported by columns that reach the basement working in compression.
Finally, an ornamental treatment based on the Arab and Flemish tradition is carried out, applicable to many aspects of the building’s design – carpets, floors and the pattern of grooves in prefabricated panels for the façade, among other elements – with the aim of giving the building a unique and differentiated global image.