This project responds to a relatively conventional brief for a single-family home on a plot in a luxury housing estate north-west of Madrid. It is laid out on two floors and a basement.
The proposal of a simple geometry and a limited number of building materials was propitiated by the owners’ discretion and the excessive form and volume of many of the opulent houses in this neighbourhood. An abstract drawing on the walls is the only hint of the surrounding ornate dwellings. Over time, dense vegetation will envelop the perimeter and largely hide the house from outside view. A black concrete parallelepiped on a rectangular plan is set parallel to the boundaries with the longest axis given a N-S orientation. The walls are enclosure, structure and finish.
Two mechanisms implement the building’s powerful volumetric and material simplicity: setbacks in the walls to generate open spaces and the subtly inserted ornamental motif on a much smaller scale, and linear cracks in the walls which at some points perforate them and turn them into lattices. The ground floor contains the living rooms and kitchen, while the more private areas and the bedrooms are on the upper floor, with roofless sections that form courtyards for living privately in the open air, sheltered by the perforated perimeter walls. The entrance at the northern end is an empty space where the void recessed into the building and the entrance staircase stand out as a solid object. In contrast, the rest of the allotment is a vegetated garden that opens up to the south