The intervention consists of the rehabilitation of an office floor in a building of the 50s, located in the Eixample of Barcelona, ??for a company in the technology and real estate sector.
The place enjoys facades with multiple orientations, thanks to its location in the chamfer and the inner courtyard the apple.
The premises are structured on the basis of 2 large corridors that cross the facades, separated from a central access corridor by thick loading walls.
The main strategies of the action are: cleaning of the existing constructive elements, complete renovation of the technical elements of installations, internal subdivision and renovation of the finishes, with special emphasis on the acoustic and light quality of the interiors.
The interior layout enhances the structure of large elongated spaces typical of the old building, in contrast to brightly colored finishes and the superimposition of new technical elements that reveal part of the original construction.
The result is an atmosphere of a bright, cheerful and fresh character, typical of a young technological company, without giving up the value of the original construction.