Porta Fira Towers

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Spain)
Hoteles Santos / Layetana inmobiliaria
Total Area
90.108 m²
Toyo Ito & Associates Architects


The Porta Fira Towers project emerges from the winning proposal for the Fira Barcelona expansion competition. The towers, on a site between El Prat airport and the city, make the most of its strategic location to become a gateway to Barcelona and a reference point for the entrance to the new trade fair precinct.
Two 110 metre tall towers engage in a subtle dialogue. The brief is divided into three different uses: hotel, offices and business. A common plinth connects the towers and houses the zones designated for shared uses.
The orthogonal office tower sits perpendicular to the axis that structures Plaza Europa, 30 º off the line of Gran Vía, making it a powerful finishing touch for the square.
The hotel floor layout is generated by a trilobate geometry. This figure rotates as it ascends, moving off its vertical axis, transforming and growing until it opens up, like the silhouette of a plant. The facade accompanies this movement with its outer skin made of aluminium tubes in a sinuous line that continues to the top. Viewers thus see the tower differently as they move around it. This impression complements and contrasts with the office building, which has a contained geometry and a glazed facade on which the rounded shape of the emerging inner core is outlined. This organic shape is, in turn, reminiscent of the hotel, highlighting the fact that although these two towers are quite different, they form a single entity.