Madrid (España)
ONIX Capital
Total Area
14.400 m²


The replacement of the existing building by a new efficient, representative and functional building that promotes internal and commercial activities in the immediate surroundings is proposed. The demolition of the upper built volume, allows a growth without conditions from the ground floor, generating a reception space as a loggia with a large porticoed area. On this base, five floors are added with perimeter work areas and a central nucleus with a new distribution of equipment and vertical communication. On both sides of the core, two courtyards provide additional light in work areas.
A prefabricated modular façade is proposed, defined by elements that adapt to the different climatic and lighting conditions. To the north the opaque part of the facade is increased to reduce costs and energy losses; to the south the enclosure is delayed creating a green strip of solar protection; on east-west facades the precast concrete uprights are inclined, increasing the surface of shade.
The definition of a perimeter structural line in coordination with the façade and the use of post-tensioned slabs, allows a functional scheme of free floor in work areas, providing versatility to the operation.
Diaphanous spaces with high thermal and acoustic performance are specified that can guarantee obtaining the international LEED and WELL certification. For this reason, the project addresses a new general enclosure to proceed with an update, both aesthetic and technical building, can optimize its overall energy performance and the degree of comfort required for the enhancement of the building.