Due to the implementation of the new tram line in central Bordeaux, the competition for the design of public space in the Tourny Square is convened, extending the intervention along the Cours de Verdun and Cours Clemenceau, with a total 1km in length. All this is inscribed on the Bordeaux´s boulevards.
The project is addressed from three perspectives: the ambition to create a new center in the Plaza de Tourny, reactivate all the intervened public space by the dynamism of the Cours de Verdun and the central district the Triangle d´Or and extend the landscape quality of Public Garden in this city fragment.
For a new, more central, Tourny Square, the pedestrian space is prioritized, minimizing the presence of roads, an adaptive traffic scheme in time to the needs of mobility, public space design promoting the centrality of the square.
For a more active public space, a programmatic band along the intervention is proposed, allowing for programmatic needs of each zone (terraces, kiosks, transportation, etc.). And for a more attractive city, it is planned a modification of the trees in line with the Public Garden with furniture design that enhances the landscape and architecture of Bordeaux.