Plaza del Torico, the core of Teruel’s old district, fulfils a dual role as a distribution space for pedestrian flows and a precinct for citizen leisure. The redevelopment operation is used to delicately superimpose a thin contemporary layer on the historic centre of a city with hundreds of years of accumulated heritage, with a valuable, identifiable trace left by each period.
The basis of the project is a flagstone paving system with an encrusted pattern of luminescent lines that creates a tenuous ambiance. This pattern is inspired in the natural slopes where rainwater flows down and its translation into force lines that branch out and inflect when obstacles are encountered. The renovation work is supplemented with carefully designed general lighting for the built-up area and the recovery of the underground water cisterns for use as an exhibition hall with a new visitor entrance and link.
The light, considered here as a fluid element, spreads across the square, altered by the presence of above-ground elements —the Torico water fountain— and underground features —the cisterns— where it is halved to highlight the subterranean ambience and its archaeological value in this public space. The intensity, pattern and colour of the light can be regulated to intensify the sense of enjoyment on festive days. This is an invitation to enjoy a dynamic itinerary, from archaeological elements from the past to contemporary artistic expressions in the heart of Teruel.