New Urban Area

Brasilia (Brazil)
Aggrego, Brookfield Incorporações
Total Area
3.440.000 m²


The proposal aims to establish the concept for the development of a new urban area located in the northern part of the administrative region of Vicente Pires, along with one of the main access roads to the “Pilot Plan”, the administrative and residential center of Brasilia and original sector of the project designed by Lucio Costa in 1960, concerning the architecture and urbanism of the modern movement.
The conceptual approach envisages that local and regional level by establishing the fundamental vocation of identity through the urban differentials, with particular emphasis on the criteria of urban structure, social cohesion and sustainability.
The main characteristics of the organization are its commitment to the recovery of the public space quality, urban densification, optimization of roads for public and private transport, and social diversity of uses , approaches incorporating bioclimatic architecture and efficient management of resources.
The ultimate goal is the retrieval and review of the foundational values of Brasilia in a manner adapted to the new social, economic and environmental.