The installation of the prefabricated modules is located in the Munner nursery school of the Lycée Français de Barcelone, during the period of rehabilitation and new construction.
The school will remain occupied and in operation during the main works, dividing the field into two separated parts by means of a fence: work area of ??the new building and field with teaching activity.
The temporary prefabricated modules were installed in the area that followed the teaching activity. They harbor part of the teaching activity that has been affected by the eviction of the work.
During the school holidays of 2016-2017, the buildings that were not maintained were demolished, the two areas described were fenced and the temporary prefabricated modules were installed.
The proposal proposes the installation of prefabricated modules in two heights (PB + 1) forming two parallelepipeds arranged in “L”, located in the northeast corner of the school environment in operation between the middle wall of the bottom and the fence with the work site .
Both volumes are connected by an external “L” walkway accessed by two external stairs, as shown in the graphic documentation.
This installation has a strictly temporary nature directly linked to the period of completion of the rehabilitation works of the whole school. Once the works are completed, they will be lifted and the work will be completed later.