A double character proposal is defined, generating an urban complex and local park simultaneously.
The square is structured from the pedestrian paths that runs through it, allowing a new connectivity and permeability lost in the current situation. The perimeter streets find continuity in the open routes, whose intersection is in the new public centrality, the new square of the Metro. A public space that allows to circulate, that is occupied by the events of the Rastro or simply incorporated as new urban area.
The proposed buildings, respecting the special plan regulations, sets aside as much as possible to increase the opening of the plaza to Avenida Asturias. In this way the citizen is invited to participate in the new public space and allows greater visibility of the new Museum from the avenue and Plaza Castilla.
Outside the perimeter of the square are created the more local neighborhood spaces, which house specific areas that respond to their immediate surroundings.
The project seeks to provide an efficient and representative response to the new headquarters. The main Metro offices are located at the western of the building area allowed by the regulations, with the aim of maximizing the opening to the urban central space that structures and connects inferiorly the different programs. It uses all the available depth to be able to organize the offices by means of a central core, optimum disposition in relation to ratios of useful area with respect to constructed (and therefore more economic) and having a good coefficient of form (better energetic behavior).
The resulting plants are flexible, well lit and rational, avoiding complex and random geometries.