L9 Tube stations

El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain)
UTE Tuneladora Metro (FCC+OHL+Copisa) para IFERCAT (Gen. Catalunya)
Total Area
11.000 m²


The idea is to unitize the design concept of three stations (San Cosme, Mas Blau and Plaça Catalunya) along the subway line L9 in Barcelona, differencing themselves only in small changes in their color or texture. The existing structure’s interior design is based on the pillars’ condition.
Taking advantage of the common characteristics of the pillar layout that helps to create a sequence perceiving the space of the station and the movement of the trains from these columns position, the movement factor and velocity has been introduced into the design. In this way, the composition is concentrated in the different virtual bars of the columns to work as a gateway.
These virtual bars are leading to an internal space of different materials, achieving the environment of one predominant color, clearly differentiated from its negative space, which generates a much clearer ambient by the color of the materials. The fluorescent lighting uses similar and/or complementary colors of the terraces at each station, strengthening the concept of the bars.