The proposal starts from the desire to provide functional and flexible equipment, economical in its conception and in its maintenance, sustainable and modern, whose integration in the environment contributes to enrich the adjacent landscape.
The design parameters that have been considered have as main objectives:
– Volumen of maxim compactness
– Integration with the natural environment, maximum horizontality; Order of access and circulation of the complex, improving the functional organization, so that the access and circulation of emergencies, services and general public are clearly differentiated, the latter, from the main access, will be divided in turn into rehabilitation, consultations And hospitalization.
-User comfort through the correct illumination and natural ventilation of all public rooms and work areas of personnel, as well as the optimum solar orientation of the volume and the clarity of the functional organization.
-Flexibility and simplicity constructive, being a regular structure of conventional lights, of three unique heights and framed in a rectangular volume.
It seeks a formal adaptation of the building to the “rural urban” environment that surrounds it, using materials of white facade finish and with similar characteristics to the vernacular architecture of the area.