This hotel and convention centre complex is spread across four volumes containing 186 guest rooms, infrastructure and catering services, meetings and convention rooms, auditoriums, multi-purpose spaces, and also services related to health and well-being. The brief is broken down and distributed across four prismatic units in order to respect the natural environment, mitigate the visual impact of the complex and ensure a contained construction process, permitting the conservation of most of the centennial trees on the site.
The pavilions recline on the slope, interconnected by a mezzanine element that contains the common parts and the links between the buildings. The guest rooms have sunshading systems in the form of sliding perforated sheet metal panels, conceived as large coloured curtains. Their colours nuance the volumes and mimic the colour of the surrounding vegetation.
The rational division and implementation of the brief and the careful choice of materials, textures and colours are mechanisms that contextualise the mass of the pavilions, ameliorating the sense of deliberate camouflage. The predominant use of face concrete in combination with pinewood frames and roof gardens intensifies the unity of the complex and gives it a serene, harmonious character with a gentle, respectful relationship, while at the same time structuring a sincere, truthful dialogue with its environs.