The Hotel Cava, is located in a privileged location as is the Plaza Europa in Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.
The urban parameters set the resulting volumetry.
The proposal bets on the central courtyard, this way the circulation develops around the same, enjoying visual constants to this interior designed from the arrival in elevator to the lobby to the door of each of the rooms.
This central element vertebra the project, giving character to the hotel and introducing natural light in the circulation spaces.
The nucleus is located in the north facade, climatically protecting the tower, facing the closer building and at the same time freedom the façades with better views.
As for the distribution of the 237 rooms of the tower, the Suite and Superior are located in the corners, having a terrace. The rest of the floor is completed with the Standard rooms.
The façade is punctuated by singularities such as the access, terraces and roof, which are reflected in the exterior bringing richness and complexity to the final appearance.