VP Hotel Pl. España

Madrid (España)
VP Hoteles
Total Area
17.150 m²


The brief for this 18 storey hotel included 214 guest rooms and zones for various leisure activities. The project strategy focuses on emptying the main interior part of the building and employing the free buildable area in a taller, superimposed volume that creates a balanced triangulation with the two tall emblematic towers on the other sides of the square, Torre Madrid and the España building.
The courtyard acts as a core around which the rooms are arranged. The staggered volumetrics are broken down so that they can relate to the neighbouring buildings on Río Street, striving to adapt to the shape Madrid’s historic district. On the Plaza España frontage, the building is divided into two parts. The lower part is aligned with the height of the adjoining buildings, while the top section is recessed and separated from the section below, generating a void that projects a sense of lightness and flotation.
The intense use of granite on the facade is due to a desire for a respectful integration with the city’s historic and monumental zone. Granite is also ideal for giving shape, mass and thickness to its ornamental abstraction, with a resonance of the Doric column. This geometry is then reproduced in the curved glazing that forms the double skin of the voids, a heat and noise filter that alludes to the magnificent examples of glazed arcades, shop windows and proto-modern facades that flank the nearby Gran Vía.