L’Hospitalet Housing

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Spain)
Novainexa S.L.
Total Area
4.500 m²


The housing block is located in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and offers 37 apartments.
The main criteria that marked the development of the formal conception of the project were: economy, maintenance, sustainability, flexibility and sunlight.
The building encompasses a basement, a ground floor and rises up to 5 floors at the highest part. At its crown, the floors are staggered in order to create terraces with unbeatable views as an added value to the penthouses on the upper floors.
The typology of the dwellings, in its majority, is of dual aspect apartments, since it allows to optimize the buildability and to maximize the number of flats with crossed ventilation. The night areas are resolved to the northeast, while the day areas benefit from the south-west orientation enhanced by generous terraces. The installation courtyards and wet areas have been concentrated on a central strip.
The façade of the new building is resolved by means of a constructive solution designed to be durable, sustainable and of low maintenance.
The north elevation that faces Leonardo Da Vinci Street has been designed as an exposed brick façade with sufficient openings to provide natural light to the different spaces, which are mostly bedrooms. In contrast, the façade that overlooks public space is much more permeable offering large balconies for the homes facing south-west.
The composition of the masonry work is of great importance, as the same material is used to create reliefs, textures, fittings and lattices.