The construction of a large leisure facility like this casino entails the need to distribute —in a single building— the services and uses associated with the playing rooms, restaurant, kitchens, car park, conference hall and facilities. The project responds to these requirements with a unitary avant-garde image that projects the power and representative nature of the casino.
The building blends into the garden of the adjacent hotel thanks to its partly sunken configuration, reinforcing the urban frontage with a large leisure and service area that faces the road while remaining hidden from the hotel garden. It almost becomes part of the topography, a green roof that softens the visual impact of the architectural complex and seems to be an extension of the existing vegetation.
The main facade is formed by folded planes of black mass-coloured reinforced concrete that insinuate the mineral qualities and the tectonics of the terrain from where it emerges. The level containing the multipurpose space is bordered by another series of angled concrete facets. On the foyer frontage, they are complemented by a lattice that includes a digital multimedia system which can project moving images, designed to create surprising lighting effects, an eye-catching device to highlight the casino’s powerful identity.