La Gramanosa winery

Barcelona-Avinyonet del Penedès (Spain)
Finca La Gramanosa SL
Total Area
1.810 m²


The propose of the plan is a new, effective, characteristic and functional building, to create a project that communicates with its rural environment.
It contains one building which is tangential to the road, and another one buried underground, forming a new landscape that shows respect to the surrounds and the view. The winery´s main façade is oriented to the North, it is only visible from the vineyard fields and offers the remarkable image of the building, allowing to take a look on the interior geometry as well.
The access to the building is by the derivation of the existing road uphill, leading the visitor along the façade until an exterior space covered by a sphere, where the entrance is.
The unique geometry of the project is composed by the system of spheres forming the roof of the building. All the spheres have the same size but located in different heights and positions, creating vertical sections with each other and resulting different spatial atmospheres in each zone of the production process. This system is the geometrical base of the whole winery project, it draws the guidelines from the building´s structure to the interior enclosures and the façade