The developed project is distributed along the two locals, raising the pavement to street level in practically all of the surface. The central access is made contiguous to the nucleus of bathrooms and tutoring that is formalized as a box within the large space at double height.
A large piece of furniture that lines the long dividing wall becomes a container for services (pikes, computers, magnetic boards, printers or photocopiers) as well as general storage space.
The façade is formalized by means of a large glass curtain wall with wooden studs to the interior -which provide warmth to the space of the foundation- and aluminum to the exterior -for better durability and maintenance-. On this curtain wall we find a metal grid through which the forced exchange of air with the outside will be made. A solar protection based on wooden slats is also added to the façade.
There is a secondary access that allows the practically independent use of the warehouse so that its use is possible without interfering with the operation of the rest or the access during closed hours without the need for a general start-up.
The intended use of the project spaces are those necessary to develop the tasks of a non-profit organization that offers support and accompaniment to children, youth and families in vulnerable situations to offer opportunities to improve the quality of life , accompanying them and promoting that they are protagonists in this process within their territory.