‘Traces and Charms’ is the title of the retrospective exhibition of the b720 Architects Studio, which is arriving in Barcelona after its successful run at the prestigious Aedes Gallery in Berlin.
The exposition is a retrospective, 20 years|20 projects, selected to explain the focus and techniques of the b720 team. Both their small-scale and large-scale works have left physical traces as well as a mark on our collective imagination. The centre of the installation is a collection of material remnants spanning 20 years of production. These recall a market stall at Barcelona Encants, the central project in the exhibition discourse.
Fragments of each of the projects are arranged on folded panels surrounding this “market”. These stands inherited their appearance from the Encants Barcelona project, with the same reflective surface as the characteristic golden background of the Mercat’s iconic covering. The installation mixes with the daily activities in the space, inviting the visitor to come closer to the work of b720.
Passing through this exposition allows the visitor to retrace the trajectory of the b720 studio and relive a piece of history ranging from post-Olympic Barcelona to pre-crisis Spain, passing through the Brazilian boom or the recent evolution of international architecture.