Barcelona (Spain)
Diagonal 477 SLU
Total Area
15.280 m²


The project is located in the Poble Nou district on a plot that formed a part of the old jute spinning factory of the Godó brothers, popularly known as “El Cànem”, and which occupied up to three entire blocks of the Ensanche. The existing façade overlooking Doctor Trueta street is being preserved as it is included in the Architectural Heritage Protection Plan.
The program is distributed over three volumes within the plot: two blocks with the facades to each of the streets and a block in the central area that joins them through a large landscaped passage. Despite this organisation in three differentiated buildings, it seems appropriate to create a formal unity that brings together tradition and innovation while at the same time highlighting the industrial past of Poble Nou and the legacy of the “El Cànem” factory. In this way, a continuous masonry plinth runs along the perimeter of the entire building unifying the three volumes into a single programmatic and consistent entity. On this base rest two glass boxes screened with an aluminium lattice that evokes the interweaving of the jute fabric fibres. This duality between the industrial past of pre-existing architecture and the contemporary vocation of the new building reveals itself in the contrast between the base and the raised boxes.
The blocks facing the street offer large spaces of open and flexible offices thanks to the strategic location of the vertical cores and the post-tensioned concrete structure; The central volume is conceived as an addition to the offices, being a smaller duplex type, open to the central passage resembling old industrial workshops that dotted the urban fabric of Poble Nou.