Diagonal Bilbao Housing

Barcelona (Spain)
Espais Promocions Inmobiliàries
Total Area
11.858 m²


The project consists of two buildings (GF+6) housing 42 and 27 dwellings with exterior façades onto Bilbao street and Diagonal avenue in Barcelona, respectively. The new buildings contain housing, commercial premises on the ground floors and car parking and storage rooms in the basement.
The design of both buildings matches the historical meaning of the Cerdà urban expansion, respecting the compulsory alignments and the urban standards. The textures and materials used in the panels on the exterior façade, as well as the thresholds colour, aim to provide to that typical volumetry an image according to current times and to the immediate surroundings.
The buildings have concrete structures and waffle slabs. The origin of both buildings is identical as are the composition criteria on both façades, showing deep and wide projecting balconies with little presence of rails.
Light Fibre C concrete panels are used on the façade facing onto the street. The covering of the framework edge and the soffits is made of grey pre-lacquered steel sheet, whereas jambs are covered in orange sheet, contrasting with the prefabricated black concrete panels, which are neutral. This way, spaces are underlined in a calligraphic way, designed on the face of the surface. On the other side, there are long balconies all the way along the façade leading to the block’s interior. A double sliding curtain of white lacquered micro-perforated and undulated steel sheet offers an evocative set of overlaps to the patio fences.