Veles e Vents

Valencia (Spain)
Consorcio Valencia 2007, UTE Foredeck (Necso, Rover Alcisa, LIC)
Total Area
10.500 m2
David Chipperfield Architects


Strategically located at the end of the harbour pier, the former Foredeck building, renamed Veles e Vents in honour of a poem by Ausiàs March, was the centrepiece for the 2007 America’s Cup regattas. The building is a privileged vantage point to watch yachting competitions or just admire the view.
The building consists of four platforms set at different heights and slightly offset from each other. This creates changing plays of shadows and transparencies that help to integrate the building into the harbour and the maritime environment. The cantilevered platforms, free of intermediate columns, seem to hang in mid-air, although in fact they rest on four structural props, two vertical and two slightly inclined, which in turn shape the vertical communication and equipment cores.
The outer walls dematerialise into large glass planes inserted between the platforms. Their cantilever and projection on the least favourable sides reduce the incidence of direct sunlight and create pleasant shaded environments.
The distribution of the 10,500 m² Veles e Vents building is primarily focused on the part-outdoor entrance and user spaces, supplemented with a public tavern and a restaurant. A limited palette of materials is employed in this building: concrete structure, metal drop ceilings that include recessed linear luminaires, with timber decking used in outdoor areas and resin on the indoor floors. The predominance of white throughout the building is a celebration of the Mediterranean light. In contrast, the intense dark tones of the interior furniture act as a counterpoint.