The project consists of two holiday homes for two brothers with same requirements, located on a trapezoidal plot of 800 m2 on an east-west facing slope with a drop of 4.60 meters.
The project has been conceived as a single building with its own character, rather than the addition of two houses, in order to avoid the semi-detached house model. The proposal consists of a prismatic volume placed in parallel to the boundary with the adjacent plot, 3 meters away from the neighbouring house and from the road (in accordance with building regulations), achieving maximum continuity of garden area, enhancing privacy and facing the house’s main façade to the sea.
The functional programme consists of two parts: 1. the private areas for each family unit and 2. the common areas that both share. On the ground and the first floors, two equal bodies are symmetrically arranged, each one containing a living room with an open kitchen (Ground Floor) and two bedrooms with bathrooms (First Floor). The two houses are internally connected through the kitchens and externally through a large shared courtyard.
This central courtyard is protected from the sunrays by wooden slats revolving lattice creating a very pleasant (or beautiful) shady space. The other common areas are located on the lower ground floor which is concrete base and include two bedrooms with bathrooms, maintenance rooms and stockroom.