The characteristics of the Chamber, a contemporary institution with centenarian roots, and Poblenou, a district with a strong industrial past, require a building that articulates tradition and innovation. This uniqueness is conceived as a synthesis of formal restraint and technological innovation that links these parameters to their symbolic references.
The exemption in height with a contiguous median, the solar incidence and the efficiency energy, the ability to generate a flexible building, and the urban condition are all solved by generating a core in the southwest facade that allows a degree of transparency as well as the enough sunlight into the stairsways, hallways, and bathrooms. As an external symbolic reference, the edges of the building are rounded, linking the project to the industrial chimneys characteristic of Poblenou. The provision of the technical core on one side of the plant combined with the use of postensed structures allows for thorough appreciation of the open plan and a self-adaptive floor.
In order to modulate the impact of the site, the lightweight, ventilated facade is lined with a ceramic coating by carefully applying pieces of versatile porcelain.