The project responds to the attached closed block typology, defining a new sustainable multi-family housing building in the historic centre of Madrid. The building, with a negative carbon footprint, qualifies for the first Breeam Excellent certificate in Spain for a residential building.
The programme of necessary amenities is determined for a total of six apartments that share common spaces, including four parking spaces on the ground floor. Under the ground level there are six storage rooms, facilities and maintenance rooms. On the upper floors, the volume is recessed in order to allocate two penthouses with private terraces.
The order of the main elevation is obtained through the modulation of its elements with outlined vertical openings and protruding locksmith balconies, which take into account the language of the adjacent buildings in search of a correct integration with the immediate urban environment.
The materials and systems used in the construction have been chosen with the objective of minimising the environmental impact, under firm control to reach a viable economic proposal. With five stories high, the building’s structure and enclosures, starting from the first floor, are built with CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) wood, a system that allows faster assembly time and minimises the necessary working power on site. The facade is finished off with a reinforced plaster with photocatalytic treatment, highly breathable and resistant to dirt, on mineral wool insulation, optimising the sound insulation in the sector most exposed to external noise.