Avalos sustainable resort

La Gomera (Spain)
Total Area
10.376 m²


Two solutions for to physiognomy
Differential physiognomic character (geology, orography, vegetation) between the areas that compose the plots: the terraces and the palm grove, is the first decisive vector of localization of the product. While the terraces are mainly intended for living spaces, the area of the palm grove is suitable for the location of spaces and common garden areas, in continuity with the beach.
The architecture follows this guideline: the orographic part refers to the human transformation of inhabited terraces as a traditional measure to curb erosion and possibility of cultivation, reducing the visual impact of the built volume by adjusting it to the slope of the hillside and Incorporation of landscaped roofs in continuity with the mountain. The lower part, more flat and protected, is characterized as a green oasis, integrating the pools between the existing palm grove and proposing the main building as a transparent piece of transition between the access and the beach.
A central promenade, unifies the proposal meandering between the palm grove and the base of the terraces, becoming a backbone for the logistics and movement of hotel guests. This walkway connects the funiculars that ascend to the room blocks while joining the access to the hotel with the beach and the beach club, a privileged place where enjoy the sunset with the Teide at the background.