The project’s vision is to reorganize and regroup the PDS (Pôle des Solidarités, “The pole of solidarity”) services of Conseil General, in a new office building placed in Alco, Montpellier. The shape of the project grows from the terrain of its site; however, the earlier existing buildings of Conseil General are also taken into consideration while generating the form. The project building literally creates a new gateway into the Alco site, replacing the existing walk path. It acts like a threshold of this gate, it is well visible from La Rue d’Alco and the tram station too, it perfectly responds to the applied program, the visual functions, and the access to the place.
The choice for a compact building is based on the site’s environmental conditions and the intention to offer a clear reading of the new entrance into Conseil General through its simple formation.
The exterior façades are designed with a purpose of modularity, prefabrication, and thermal efficiency, to make them rationally distinctive. The chosen option is both unique and economic, long-lasting and flexible in relation to efficiency and quality control.