The design of the new headquarters of Abertis Group is a work of complete remodeling the Allianz building designed in 1975 and built in 1979 by architect Carvajal Ferrer. It is a protected building, listed in the Regulatory Protections of Historic de la Villa de Madrid.
Its value has consisted mainly in the complete replacement of the facade curtain wall of the building envelope. The work was also about updating all the facilities and the renovating of all interior and exterior spaces adapted to contemporary spatial and functional conditions. The project was conducted under the criteria of functionality and image according to current ways of using workspaces and new representative environments.
This is a exempt building with eight floors above ground plus the ground floor and three floors underground parking. The overall composition of the building is focused on the articulation between two distinct areas in the functional distribution. The volumetric expression is reinforced by the differential treatment of its materiality: the functions of general service communication centers, toilets and facilities ducts on the north side are externalized with concrete and office spaces in the central area with curtain wall and intention to reach a maximum glazing.
The inner intervention focuses on getting open spaces, although the provision of each level is adapted to independent sectors work has achieved free open floors of interior partitions, allowing the presence of external light around the room.