We always strive to be better. We see architecture as a craft and deploy technology, innovation and pioneering design tools to achieve the best results for our projects.

Different projects,
same attitude

The starting point for all of our projects is a deep and detailed understanding of the needs of our clients and the urban, environmental, economic and social aspects of the project.

We challenge conventional and stylistic approaches, believing each project requires a unique approach.

We are experts in complex projects. The experience of our team allows us to effectively address the challenges of advanced architecture, managing multidisciplinary teams, using the most advanced technologies and managing important cost and time requirements.

Strategies for efficient use of resources

For b720, sustainability is not an accessory; it’s a prerequisite for responsible construction. Quality contemporary architecture and construction is not possible without reducing its environmental impact and must be recognised for the added value it brings to a project. Not all projects are the same. Reducing the environmental impact of a project is only possible from analysis, understanding and the use of effective sustainability strategies that work for that particular set of circumstances.

We enjoy working as a team. We collaborate from the beginning with environmental specialists to find the most effective designs and construction methods using state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

We ensure our projects comply with necessary legal regulations and certifications. But at b720 we go further, identifying the unique opportunities of each project, incorporating important but overlooked concepts such as constructive durability, flexibility and land management.

Technology for excellence

Quality contemporary architecture requires a deep knowledge of technology, whether it concerns construction solutions, commissioning processes, design tools or simulation and calculation programs. We understand our architectural practice as a constant source of knowledge development. We want to be experts and set an example for the judicious application of technological developments.

Innovation as an opportunity for improvement

We like to research and innovate, contributing to the optimization of procedures and systems of the construction process. We view innovation not as an end in itself but as a means to make better projects. Each project is a challenge in which we try to provide advances and new solutions, but we also engage in strategic R&D projects, in collaboration with industries, universities and technology centers.

Tools for expanding the design process

The current tools we use, far from being an objective, are our means for achieving a methodology that goes beyond  conventional project analysis, aiming to respond with current models that allow for greater and better control of all the tasks that are part of our activity.

These are the platforms that not only support efficiency and reliability but also allow us to keep creative intuition in check and ensure monitoring of all aspects of the creative process and  control of the project’s execution.

At b720 Arquitectos we have extensive experience in adopting and leveraging available technologies to expand and improve our design capabilities. At the forefront is the Lab720 team, whose research is possible thanks to a broad knowledge of systems that allow us to develop and control the full potential of each project while aiming for continuous improvement.

Visualizing the unbuilt

Conveying unbuilt architecture and visualizating it in terms of light, materiality and its spatial quality is not only the most efficient way to visualize our designs but also an extremely useful tool for monitoring and constantly evaluating our work.

We also believe in the ongoing value of physical models for touching, viewing from various perspectives and working on projects. New technologies allow us to adapt and retouch these models with a degree of agility and precision that had never been possible in the past.

Building the future

With an ongoing presence in urban transformation for more than 25 years, b720 is currently behind some of the most important projects in Spain, such as the Sagrera train station, the remodeling of the Camp Nou football stadium, the new access pavilion for the Fira trade fair grounds in Barcelona and the Azca park in the center of Madrid.

In all of these projects we implement technology, pursuing innovation and sustainability not as ends in themselves but as means to improve and solve the challenges of the future in a more efficient and sustainable way.