SWITCH – New Simon Headquarters

Location Barcelona (Spain)
Client Simon
Area 10.160 m²
Year 2023
Status Completed-Built
Typology Workplaces
Energy Certificate LEED Platinum (in transmit)
Photography Rafael Vargas, Eduardo Varas
Team Fermín Vázquez, Peco Mulet, Eduardo Varas, Pablo Garrido, Maialen Andiarena, Cristina Sánchez

The rehabilitation of the former Simón electrical material factory to house its corporate headquarters is a unique case that exemplifies the transformation of the neighborhood, where a local historical company, which had abandoned its industrial building, gives it new life by transforming it and locating its offices and research and innovation spaces there.

The new façade is committed to maintaining and emphasizing its original structure. The openings are transformed by incorporating a new “cassette” type element capable of reconfiguring this interstitial space in a simple, elegant and repetitive manner that at the same time meets the technical requirements demanded of it.