Pradillo Offices

Location Madrid (Spain)
Client Árima
Area 12.000 m²
Year 2022-2026
Status Under Construction
Typology Workplaces
Visuals b720
Team Fermín Vázquez, Pedro Baltar, Sara García, Laura Martín, Luis Bellera, Cristina Gassó, Jimena Jaén, Carlos Maristany, Eduardo Palao

The biggest challenge of the Pradillo office project was to create a building complex on two land plots with different regulations that is concieved as a single unity.

The exterior façades aim to re-interpret the image of the typical industrial building, like the surrounding ones, while in the interior a different architectural vocabulary is adopted, giving importance to materiality, highlighting wood as the principal material. Furthermore, vegetation in the atrium and the interior balconies plays an important role in creating a micro-climate and enhancing the well-being of the users and improving the environmental footprint of the building and its function.

The proposal is conceived as an architectural and technological reference to the tertiary office sector in Madrid, in the context of a near-zero emission building, while maintaining sustainability and wellbeing criteria at the highest level of importance and while staying in compliance with all the applicable regulations of the sector.