Polaris North Offices

Location Madrid (Spain)
Client ONIX Capital
Area 14.400 m²
Year 2021
Status Completed-Built
Typology Workplaces
Energy Certificate Leed Core & Shell GOLD, Well Core SILVER
Architizer A+ Awards 2023, “Office – Mid Rise (5-15 Floors)” Popular Choice Winner
Architecture Masterprize 2023, Commercial Architecture
OPAL Awards 2023, Property Development Platinum Winner
Photography Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)
Team Fermín Vázquez, Pedro Baltar, Carlos Beizaga, Enrique Diez, Sara García, Gustavo Gaudeoso, Laura Martín, Javier Pose

This intervention is based on the pre-existence of a building on the plot and, taking partial advantage of its structure and foundations, generates a large platform on which a new, more efficient, representative and functional building rests. The demolition of the upper section of the original building allows for unconstrained growth from the first floor up, generating a reception area as a loggia with a large porticoed area. On this base plinth, five floors are added with peripheral work areas and a central core with a new distribution of services and vertical circulation. On both sides of the core, two courtyards provide additional lighting in work areas.

The definition of a peripheral structural line in coordination with the façade and the use of post-tensioned slabs, allows for a functional scheme of open floor plan in the work spaces, providing functional versatility.

The facade is modular and prefabricated and is defined by structural elements that adapt to the different solar orientations, optimizing its overall energy performance and the degree of comfort required for every space of the building.