Ordino Housing Complex

Location Ordino (Andorra)
Client Provalix Homes
Area 3.384 m²
Year 2022
Status Project in progress
Typology Residential
Collaborator Engitec
Visuals Provalix Homes
Team Fermín Vázquez, Peco Mulet, Albert Freixes, Elisabet Uson, Eduard Palao, Carlos Maristany, Zdravka Džajić, Yingxin Du, Gervin Sonnberger, Olaf Puente, Louis Lacorne, Daniel Finkelstein, Iban Furquez

A total of 15 residences distributed in two blocks of buildings and located in Ordino in a settlement surrounded by an environment whose volumes allow for the future growth of the housing complex.

There are three housing typologies, ground floor dwellings with patios, flats and penthouses, on two levels, all of which have large outdoor spaces and have been designed so that users are always in contact with the surrounding landscape. Depending on their size, the homes consist of two, three or four bedrooms and spacious communal areas.

The residencies are oriented in such a way as to take advantage of orientation and natural light. The use of sustainable and local materials on the façade, such as wood, slate or local stone, used in a contemporary way, contribute to the desire to belong to the territory while reducing the CO2 footprint of its construction.

The complex has been designed according to Passive House criteria, an international standard for energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The residencies feature above-standard insulation, underfloor heating and cross-ventilation. In addition, a hybrid aerothermal system for the production of domestic hot water, heating and the production of hot and cold air.