New Gijón Station

Location Gijón (Spain)
Client Adif-Alta Velocidad
Area 30.000 m² + 313.000 m² of the surrounding urbanization
Year 2023
Status Project in progress
Typology Infrastructures
Collaborator Esteyco, Geocontrol (Joint venture)
Visuals b720
Team Fermín Vázquez, Peco Mulet, Albert Freixes, Luis Bellera, Andre Coelho, Olaf Puente, Lee Whitelock,  Carlos Maristany, Eduardo Palao, Louis Lacorne, Daniel Finkelstein, Anibal Bardossy

A new, sustainable and fully integrated transport hub for Gijón.
Winning proposal by the joint venture of b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos and the engineering companies Esteyco and Geocontrol

The conception of the new Gijón intermodal station responds both to the needs of Adif and to the concerns of the City Council, proposing a station that resolves the different urban and technical challenges with a holistic approach.

The new station promotes intermodality between the different means of transport, improving the traveller’s experience. The project represents an opportunity to resolve mobility in the city centre by improving interconnection in the region with a more efficient and representative station, as well as extending the Moreda Park by creating a natural axis of more than 2km in length that connects with the seafront. The partial covering of the tracks resolves the barrier that this infrastructure represents for the city without compromising the quality of the station’s spaces, which are naturally ventilated and illuminated to improve the user’s wellbeing.

Emblematic of the urban regeneration of the site, integrating nature, city and transport infrastructures, the new station is born from the commitment to the ecological and social transformation of Gijón. In direct relation to its surroundings, open and inclusive, it creates a new urban node by extending the public space into its interior. Operational spaces are compacted and optimised, minimising the need for air-conditioned spaces.
Through green strategies and an intelligent management of resources, social integration is guaranteed, creating a new sustainable landmark for the city of Gijón.