New Chamartín Station

Location Madrid (Spain)
Client Adif-Alta Velocidad
Area 250.000 m²
Year 2022
Status Project in progress
Typology Infrastructures
Collaborator UNStudio, Esteyco (Joint venture)
Visuals b720, Bucharest Studio, Playtime Barcelona
Team Fermín Vázquez, Pedro Baltar, Luis Bellera, Laura Martín, Carlos Ballesteros, Pablo Galán, Carlos Maristany, Eduardo Palao, Olaf Puente, Louis Lacorne, Yingxin Du

Ecosistema Abierto.
First prize in the international competition for the refurbishment of the Madrid-Chamartín Clara Campoamor station.

The new Madrid-Chamartín Clara Campoamor Station is inserted in an environment that, in the near future, will have a great typological and functional diversity around it, combining the consolidated city with the new development of Madrid Nuevo Norte.

The project, named “Open Ecosystem”, is defined by three architectural elements that work together to create the optimal conditions for the development of the various activities that will take place in the Chamartín station and the adjacent program: the terraces, the vaults and the high-rise buildings.

These three elements anchor the project in its context by assimilating, respectively, the central park, the station and the new skyline that will characterize the development of Madrid Nuevo Norte. They also provide a unitary appearance that makes the project recognizable from every angle, responding to the human scale of the park, the transport infrastructure scale of the station and the urban scale of the city.