New Centre for Proton Therapy

Location Barcelona (Spain)
Client CatSalut / Joint Venture Comsa, Comsa Industrial and Vopi4
Area 7.425 m²
Year 2024
Status Competition, 2nd prize
Typology Healthcare
Collaborator AECOM
Visuals b720
Team Fermín Vázquez, Peco Mulet, Carlos Maristany, Marc Morillas, Eduardo Palao, Albert Freixes, Luis Bellera, Adder Bustamante, Sira Rivero, Olaf Puente

The new centre for proton therapy (PT) and other care uses is respectfully located between the existing historic buildings of the Pere Virgili Health Park. While maintaining the obligatory volumetry restrictions, it is deliberately associated with the chromatism of its surroundings in a subtle but effective exercise, expressing itself with a contemporary language where the use of light materials (glass, wood, metal) allows for great transparency, pursues maximum comfort for users and introduces the presence of vegetation and nature in a way that generates pleasant spaces.

The presence of vegetation is a key element of the proposal: the building is colonised by vegetation and opens up to the campus and the city on its landscaped south side. From the inside, it is perceived as an atrium for interaction, representation and spatial link to the PT services and as terraces for users and workers on the upper floors, while from the outside it allows a relationship with the natural environment of the campus.

From a functional perspective, the building has two differentiated programmes superimposed in height, with the PT units located on the ground, first and basement floors, the latter naturally ventilated and illuminated, while the care units are located on the upper floors. It is a flexible, clear and highly resilient configuration, which is articulated through a segregation of circulations and positions the vertical circulation cores in the strip with less views and more proximity to the adjacent buildings. Structurally, the design is simple and efficient, allowing large spaces free of structural elements, while the prefabrication and industrialisation of the elements optimises and accelerates the construction process.