Malaga Waterfront

Location Malaga (Spain)
Client Malaga City Council, ProMálaga
Area 70.000 m²
Year 2022
Status Project in progress
Typology Urban Design
Collaborator Luis Machuca, DJ Arquitectura
Visuals b720
Team Fermín Vázquez, Pedro Baltar, Laura Martín, Luis Bellera, Adder Bustamante, Louis Lacorne, Carlos Maristany, Eduardo Palao, Olaf Puente

First prize in the international competition for the redevelopment of the Central Zone of the Málaga Waterfront Plan.

The project called Ecosistema Litoral has won the international competition for the redevelopment of the central zone of the Malaga Waterfront. The Málaga Waterfront Plan lays the foundations for the undergrounding of the road and the creation of a linear park that will cover it and connect Málaga with its seafront and the port. The intervention aims to redefine Malaga’s waterfront, turning it to an active and lively place that also enhances the cohesion of the entire urban fabric with the coast.

The intervention proposes innovative water management strategies, preparing this area of the city for future climate emergencies. A responsible management of a resource that is becoming increasingly scarce, but which at the same time is frequently presented in the form of torrential rains that cause the city to break down. The proposal also aspires to a more educational concept of sustainability, raising awareness in society through the visibility of the ecological processes that take place in the park.

The new Plaza de la Marina will be a highly representative urban space that will also act as an important intermodal node for the city. Equipped with a multitude of diverse programs and offering a quality public space that favors the comfort of citizens, it will become the cornerstone of the interrelationship between city, nature and port. The relocation of the Plaza de la Marina also recognizes the confluence of the main pedestrian and visual axes towards Larios Street, the Cathedral, the Heredia Pier and the Palmeral.