Line 9 Metro Stations

Location El Prat de Llobregat (Spain)
Client UTE Tuneladora Metro (FCC+OHL+Copisa) for IFERCAT (Gen. Catalunya)<
Area 11.000 m²
Year 2010
Status Completed-Built
Typology Infrastructures
Photography Adrià Goula

The three stations of Metro line 9 – San Cosme, Mas Blau and Plaça Catalunya – that differ in small nuances of color or texture, while maintaining the same design concept. The existing structure, based on pillars, conditions the interior design. Taking advantage of this common feature, the arrangement of the pillars is reinforced, creating a sequence that helps to perceive the space of the station and the movement of the train from the position of these columns, introducing the factor of movement and speed in the design concept. In this way, the design process concentrates on differentiating the strips that contain the columns as porticoes.

These strips create an interior space with differentiated materials that achieve an environment where the predominant color is clearly differentiated from the space created by the negative. In this negative space a lighter atmosphere is generated by the color of the materials. The fluorescent lighting with colors similar and/or complementary to the colors of the tile finishing of each station reinforces the concept of stripes.