La Mola

Location Terrassa (Spain)
Client Layetana Inmobiliaria
Area 16.917 m² + 14.011 m² landscape
Year 2008
Status Completed-Built
Typology Hotels
Obra Sant Josep Award 2009
Hostelco Award 2010, “Best Congress and Convention Hotel”.
Award ASPRIMA-SIMA 2010, “Best Non-Residential Real Estate Performance”
Photography Adrià Goula
Team Fermín Vázquez, Fernando Luna, Andreas Moser, Eduard Miralles, Peco Mulet, Pablo González,  Laura Marticorena, Carles Martínez-Almoyna,  Giussy Ottonelli, Manuel Rivas

The La Mola Hotel and Convention Center is located on a site adjacent to the Sant Llorenç de Munt Park and the new El Prat Golf Club in Terrassa, near Barcelona. The project includes a wide program of 186 rooms with complementary infrastructures and services such as restaurants, meeting and convention rooms, auditoriums, multipurpose spaces and health and wellness facilities. Minimizing its impact on the natural environment to arrange such a large program in a soft context and highly sensitized by the footprint of the golf club was one of the essential objectives set from the beginning.

Two of the three emerging volumes house the rooms arranged longitudinally on either side of a central corridor. The south-facing rooms are equipped with a solar protection system consisting of movable perforated sheet metal sliding doors, the color of which draws on the chromatic palette of the landscape. In this way, color becomes a contextualizing mechanism that, far from trying to camouflage, proposes an artificial emulation in an intentional correlation with the nature of the forest and the artificial nature of the golf course.