Itaim Tower

Location São Paulo (Brasil)
Client ERC / GR / Huma
Area 11.910 m²
Year 2018
Status Completed-Built
Typology Residential, Hotels
International Property Awards, Central and South America Group, “High-end residential development”.
Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat 2019, “Best Skyscraper in the world in the category of less than 100m in height”
Photography Nelson Kon
Team Fermín Vázquez, Sonia Cruz, Aline Foltran, Albert Freixes, Francesc de Fuentes, Peco Mulet, Gemma Ojea, Marc Pi, David Sebastian, Miguel Yurrita

The residential tower is located in São Paulo’s Itaim Bibi neighborhood, a sector undergoing a profound transformation that is moving from the traditional fabric of single-family homes in horizontal extensions to a profile of high-rise buildings that meet the city’s growing residential demand.

The 25-story building houses 123 small apartments or rooms, with large individual terraces. The proposal seeks to emphasize its slenderness and to stand out, without gratuitous stridency, in the monotonous sea of undifferentiated skyscrapers of São Paulo as a “respectful singularity”.