Location Oviedo (Spain)
Client Ibermutuamur
Area 6.086,05 m²
Year 2013
Status Completed-Built
Typology Health
Collaborator BNiTª Arquitectos, Pmmt Arquitectura
Photography Adrià Goula
Team Fermín Vazquez, Cristina Algás, Iván Arellano, Zelia Costa, Albert Freixes, Pablo Garrido, Peco Mulet, Leonardo Novelo, Gemma Ojea, Diana Singla

The Ibermutuamur Integrated Service Center in Oviedo is an efficient, compact, modulated and coherent healthcare facility, conceived as a link between the new road layout of the Prado de la Vega urbanization and the green landscaped area near the Ruta de la Plata highway.

The building, a three-story volume (one in the basement and two above ground), is positioned towards the southern part of the plot, seeking topographic integration, maximum use of natural light and the best views towards the park. The building is developed in a compact horizontal way, with an optimal ratio between the usable area and a flexible and adaptable distribution to future changes of use. The layout allows for maximum exterior landscaped areas to the maximum and a clear arrangement of the circulation.