Hotel Forum

Location Barcelona (Spain)
Client ASG Iberia
Area 52.000 m²
Year 2019
Status Under Construction
Typology Hotels
Team Fermín Vázquez, Peco Mulet, Magdalena Ostornol, Luis Bellera, André Coelho, John Ríos, Cristina Sánchez, Katrin Baumgarten, Cristina Gassó, Robert Rubio, Florencia Fornaro, Ailin Venter, Ona Harster, Guillermo Weiskal, Mayra Sanmartin, Judith Frances, Carlos Maristany, Eduardo Palao, Patricia Salido

Urban hotel, located on the north coast of the city of Barcelona, in the municipality of Sant Adrià, with a traditional beach resort hotel layout, i.e., with all rooms facing the sea and corridors in the back. The strategy of the winning proposal of the competition turns its back to the north orientation, which has a greater acoustic and visual charge caused by the Barcelona ring road, and orientates all of its rooms towards the south and the sea views through the adjacent yacht club.

Its serpentine layout allows for more space for rooms, generates a series of courtyards of common activities and softens the perception of the scale of the complex..

A series of glazed ceramic pieces of variable undulating profiles relates the building to its natural surroundings, while chromatically mimicking its neighbors on the university campus. Open to the sea and facing away from the surrounding area, the design and scale of the cell pieces of the exterior surface creates a certain fragmentation of its exterior skin.