Gran Casino Costa Brava

Location Lloret de Mar (Spain)
Client GCCB S.L.
Area 22.324 m²
Year 2010
Status Completed-Built
Typology Facilities
Photography Adrià Goula
Team Fermín Vázquez, Peco Mulet, Sebastián Khourian, Juan Pablo Porta, Nicolás Perfumo, Andrés Gorini, Iván Arellano, Anaïs Blanc, Zelia Costa Alvés, Ángel Gaspar, Markus Jacoby, Gaëlle Lauxerrois, Miquel Lluch, Laura Marticorena, Carles Martínez- Almoyna, Valeria Merola, Paulo Moreira, Leonardo Novelo, Magdalena Ostornol, Giusy Ottonelly, David Pablo, Sandra Palou, Oriol Roig, Diana Singla, Omar Vejar, Ana Vicente-Arche, Alessandro Zanchetta

The casino is placed under the vegetation cover of the gardens and offers itself to the city through the difference in elevation between the public access street and the private gardens of the well-known Monterrey hotel. The landscaped roof buffers the visual impact of the architectural ensemble from the hotel, understood as an extension of the existing garden, and protects it from noise pollution from the road. The casino spaces open onto the street below this canopy.

The broken planes that sculpt the facades evoke the tectonics of the ground from which they emerge, materializing in self-compacting reinforced concrete colored in mass and casted with pine slates. The planes that enclose the space of the auditorium lobby on the upper floor are formed by a metal mesh lattice and a curtain of suspended luminaires that form a large digital screen managed by a system capable of creating changing lights depending on the activity of the casino. The interior of the main casino room is equipped with striking suspended lighting, diffused and golden light coming from a structure of cornices arranged in a network.