Future Camp Nou

Location Barcelona (Spain)
Client FCB
Area 197.350 m²
Year 2017-2023
Status Under Construction
Scope of work Concept Design, Schematic Design and Tender
Typology Facilities/Stadiums
Collaborator Nikken Sekkei & IDOM
Visuals b720, Aesthetica, Graph
Team Fermín Vázquez, Albert Freixes, Sonia Cruz, Javier Artieda, Guillermo Weiskal, Marc Puig, Aníbal Bardossy, Ruxandra Avramescu, Ona Harster, Miquel Bibiloni, Irene Castellana, Florencia Fornaro

Designing a new era for soccer. More than a club, more than a stadium.

The Future Camp Nou, a project for the intensive renovation and expansion of the Camp Nou Stadium, is part of the Espai Barça operation developed by FC Barcelona for the reorganization and improvement of the facilities and services for members.

The new stadium increases the capacity to approximately 105.000 spectators, completely covering the bowl with a large roof that will protect from rain and direct sun and provide visual comfort, improving the interior acoustics as well.

The new cantilevers added at various levels of the stadium shape peripheral circulation rings, where concessions and toilets will be located, as well as the rest of the services necessary for the proper functioning of the stadium, and result in an open façade where members and fans will be the protagonists.