Diagonal 197

Location Barcelona (Spain)
Client Layetana Inmobiliaria
Area 25.773,15 m²
Year 2008
Status Completed-Built
Typology Workplaces
Collaborator David Chipperfield Architects
Photography Adrià Goula
Team Fermín Vázquez, Cristina Algás, Albert Arraut, Clara Bernadàs, Antonio Buendía, Cesar Bustos, Pablo Garrido, Jaime Luaces, Laura Manticorena, Magdalena Ostornol, Alexa Plasencia, Yolanda Roma, Miquel Santos, Daniel Valdés, Mónica Xampeny

The building is located in the 22@ area, more specifically in the Audiovisual Campus, an area of the city undergoing a process of transformation and revitalization. In accordance with the approach envisaged by the Barcelona City Council, the project responds to the need to integrate into the new spatial distribution of the area, based on a set of buildings in the form of a permeable “comb” that connects the Diagonal Avenue with the Audiovisual Campus.

The exterior skin consists of glazed elements with a linteled appearance alternating with mass-colored opaque panels. The combination of four modules and three different colors generates multiple compositions to achieve a stony façade that moves away from uniformity and reduces the glazed surface, with the aim of improving the building’s thermal performance.